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Shell Bracelet Set


Calming gemstone bracelets and sets. Starting at $20.00

Shell Bracelet Set


Shell Bracelet Set


For the beachcombers, gatherers, and scavengers of nature. 

This Bracelet set features these as it's spirit beads:

-Tibetan Silver


Ideally fits 13.5-18cm wrist size. Small/Medium

A bit about the Stones...
All stones are Genuine AAA quality and are ethically sourced. They are cleansed with sage and charged under a full moon ready for you to connect with.  All tassels are handmade by myself.
A bit about the Coin Charm...
The charm on this bracelet is called a "Touch Piece" which is a coin or medal believed to bring good luck
This particular one is modeled after an Egyptian coin. Egypt is considered the cradle of civilization with the oldest history of any country. Ancient egyptians used alot of quartz crystal in their monuments as well as many other healing stones in everyday life, had a rich culture in which science and spirituality were one - this time period has always held a special place in my heart. These coins contain the mystery and wisdom of this past civilization.


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