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Free spirited Gemstone jewelry for the everyday. New collections monthly. 


M A D E   W I T H   I N T E N T

Healing gemstone jewelry in hues and styles to wear everyday so you can get the most out of these stones. Whether it be peace, patience, love, or confidence; These pieces contain feelings the world needs more of. All beaded necklaces are made on silk I wax myself, all bracelet tassels I make with cotton and all stones and supplies are ethically sourced, buying directly from fair trade villages in India, Thailand, Bali and Egypt. From here I make everything with care and love, there is magic in every piece.

S T I L L    W I L D

Completely Vegan friendly, no deer were harmed in the making of any of the spirit bead necklaces. Deer shed their antlers every year, then grow a completely new set causing them no discomfort. There is a chance the deer that made the antler you pick is still frolicking in the forest right now working on growing it's new set.