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What Volerra means.

It's a lifestyle.

More than jewelry, Volerra embodies a way of life. A continual longing for peace and a stress free life. A way back to the wisdom we didn't know we had as children. Messy hair and dirty feet weren't things we needed to fix, they were a result of our adventuring. Muddy boots and our moms discarded costume jewelry didn't clash, they made us feel beautiful and tough. Wildflowers weren't weeds they were bouquets. We weren't naive, we were pure. With no weight on our shoulders and no limits on our dreams. Let Volerra bring you back to that time.

Torn jeans with pockets full of rocks, handmade bracelet stacks and kick-ass chokers. Necklaces that sparkle in the sunlight. Wearable pieces of nature just like how jewelry began.

And from this longing Volerra jewelry was born , styles and hues for everyday, every adventure and every woman and child. Made in Alberta, Canada, this is a one woman show.

I hope you find a piece of jewelry that stirs your heart, or are inspired by the look books shot in locations that radiate mother natures energy. I want you to want the piece you select on you all the time so that you may reap the healing benefits fully.

Always follow your soul,